Saturday, December 16, 2017

Getting Close ~

ARGH!!!  My last post was a week ago.  Since I was "almost" done with Christmas decorating many days ago, why am I still so darn busy from morning to night?  I've not had any hooking time or time to just kick back and relax.  (What is that?)  Hopefully this week I will finally have some me time.

This little tree sits on an antique cupboard in my teeny tiny one person kitchen.  It is decorated with old figural light bulbs.  I painted the gourd Santa many years ago and also punched the little Santa mat (pattern by Lori Brechlin).

Thankfully I found this little guy before Christmas was over and added him to my chenille Santa tree.  He's only about 2 1/2" tall.

Last week I found a dozen of these sweet vintage glass bell ornaments.  They are less than an inch tall.  

Since the trees were all decorated when I bought these vintage glass bead garlands, they just ended up in a bowl for the season.  They are just too pretty to put away.

I love this book since it is dated the year my mom was born.  

I do finally have one finish to show you :)  The label is ready and just needs to be sewn on.

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Sunday, December 10, 2017

An Agonizing Decision ~

I think the hardest part about attending a rug camp is deciding what rug to hook.  I will be heading to Jacksonville, FL, mid-January to attend Off the Ocean Rug Hooking Conference.  I know about the camp because of Woolwoman, who has attended the camp every year and this is about the 20th year.  My camp teacher will be Kris Miller which is funny because I know her (she's from Michigan), but I've never had the opportunity to take a class from her.

After perusing many of my hooking books, I've finally decided on a Maggie Bonanomi design from the book "A Day at Sunny Brook", Tulip and Peony.  

I think I will finally have a couple finishes to share with you soon.  Very little hooking has been going on at my house :(

Ernestine loves her daddy and is never far from his side.  She is one special little pug.

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Friday, December 8, 2017

Kind of Like the Crazy Cat Lady ~

You know how the crazy cat lady won't admit how many cats she really has?  Well, I guess I am the crazy Christmas tree lady who won't admit how many trees she really has :)

This little feather tree and faux feather tree are on the upstairs landing.

Another simply decorated feather tree in the living room.  Pipe cleaner stars and candy canes made by moi years ago.

The top of my only antique feather tree.  Mostly newer glass ornaments with vintage glass bead garlands.

Little tree in the dining room adorned with mostly vintage Santas.  

Cotton batting Santa.

Chenille Santa.

Vintage bottle brush tree in the dining room cupboard.  Celluloid Santa and reindeer.

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Monday, December 4, 2017

Call Me Crazy ~

Saturday was Christmas open house day in Seville, Ohio, so a friend and I made the journey down.  Lots of wonderful antiques at the Seville Antique Mall, but not at prices I was willing to pay.  I did get this vintage papier mache Santa boot filled with heavenly smelling preserved juniper.

On our way home, we stopped at a couple more antique malls.  In Lodi,  I found seven bags of vintage glass garland for a super price, so of course all of them came home with me.

I have many strands of garland with just round beads, but these were wonderful.  Some have damage, but that is okay by me.

The center of Lodi is built around a town square.  These figures were scattered throughout.  


This guy's name was Charles MacIntosh . . . lol :)

We made one last stop at the antique mall in Wellington.  I purchased these vintage glass ornaments.

I have a half dozen or so trees in the attic that I am not using, so what do I do?  Buy a new tinsel tree.  Six feet tall, very narrow, and only $20 at Walmart.  This is the first time I have ever had a tree with only vintage glass ornaments on it.  I am pleased, but I do need to find some more ornaments.  There's plenty out there, but I'm not willing to spend much on them.

I already have one of these small, plastic 1950's light up Santas, but it is missing the wreath.  I was never sure what was supposed to be there.  Maybe I can fashion a wreath for it.

My last purchase was one more 1950's choir boy.

~ Happy International Rug Hooking Day ~ 

I hope I find a few minutes to pull some loops.

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Friday, December 1, 2017

Let the Decorating Begin ~

'Tis the season whether we like it or not :)  Normally I start my Christmas decorating after my company leaves after Thanksgiving, but this year my son was here until Wednesday {miss him already}, so very little decorating got done.  Almost no hooking got done either.  I really need to get busy.

As I've said, no simplifying is happening at my house.  I already have 3 feather trees decorated and 5 other trees with lights and ornaments, ranging in size from about 2' to 4 1/2'.

Here is a little Santa from DF Wink, given to me in 1990.  I am so happy she dated it.

Santas enjoying the morning sunshine in the downstairs bath.

Small feather tree.  Sure wish it wasn't so washed out.

Papier mache Santa purchased last year.  A little beat up but okay by me.

More papier mache and "egg crate" Santas with a little vintage bottle brush tree in the dining room cupboard.

Vintage celluloid Santas and reindeer also in the dining room cupboard.

Thanks so much for stopping by.  I MUST get back to decorating.

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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Less is More {but not at my house . . . sigh} ~

I admire those who can simplify.  Those who can purge.  Sadly I am not one of them and probably never will be.  I start to bring the Christmas boxes down from the attic and just can't help but put most of it out.  That does not include the boxes and boxes that I have not used in years.  Do I know what's in those boxes?  Well, uh, mostly no.  Can I part with anything?  Most likely not.  So . . . I will decorate and decorate and decorate some more.  At least Thanksgiving was early this year and not working does make it easier to get things done. 
Thanksgiving was nice.  I don't know if I mentioned but my California son came home for for ten days.  He hasn't been here that long since he moved away.  It's wonderful to have him home.  Think good thoughts that he will be moving back to Las Vegas soon.  He is so ready.  He is just not the California guy.
I could not get my sons to move close enough to get them in one picture.   (Plus, I don't know how to set the camera to compensate for the light coming in the windows.)
#1 bad boy
#2 bad boy growing his
"winter face"

My brother Bill and his DSO Lyn host Thanksgiving each year.  For the last 5 or 6 years, Bill has been measuring Jake and my great nieces.  Unfortunately, this was the first year the girls were unable to come in from Chicago.  I knew Jake had grown a lot, but had no idea he had grown 4 1/2 inches in the last year.  He is no longer a little boy.
I am still hooking gifts and hopefully will have a couple finishes to show you soon.
I hear Pretty Girl is doing great in her forever home.  I sure do miss that little stinker.
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